CU girls !

Rolf Hemmerling (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 17:59:30 +0100

Ross Binnie wrote:
> I wish more women were interested in Cu. There are a lot of males but
> only a very small number of females on at any one time.
This *is* the plus of video text chatting ! You see who is chatting with
you !=20

Well, in the IRC world, as I learned, there are so many "girls" which
are in real life "normal" heterosexual males (like I am and like You
are, as I understand Your wishes).. this kind of fake just works
with CU-SEEME with all the lurkers who promise to buy a cam next week
(as I did in March 1997) :-)

Indeed, Cu-SEEME is the *only* communication tool with which You may
contact real girls instantly, for the price of a local telephone call
(don=B4t tell me about partyline phone numbers.. mostly, the girls there
are professionally payed fakes, too, even though they are female,as I
learned by the newspapers, not by my own calls and money. In Germany,
there are even toll-free numbers for the girls, and expensive numbers
for the boys, with many services!!! lol)=20

But to get You down on the floor, look at the "CU eye indicatior" of
each ref users. So in many cases, You see the girls, they even answer
questions, but they do not switch on the personal video windows *with
you*, but those of some other competitors (maybe their friends on the
net) :-( So their "eye indicators" are closed, and often, this means low
interest in You :-(

Btw. Ross, do You speak french ? If so, You may contact all the pretty
young french speaking girls from Canada found on french or canadian refs
ESM2 Marseille / Aioli (IP=3D147.94.38.3)
My own french is very bad !

80% of the girls use a MAC ! And CU ist the *only* video phone or video
conferencing tool with marketing relevance which is available for MAC
and PC. Forget about CONNECTIX Vidphone (no users at all) and with
VOCALTEC Iphone for MAC (no video with the MAC version) !!! So without
the Cornell and WP MAC versions, there would be no girls at all, at
least almost !

Btw, is there any girl / lady listening to this forum ? :-)

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