1 frame/10 minutes on a ref

Rolf Hemmerling (hemmerling@geocities.com)
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 18:54:03 +0100

Gary Dietz wrote:
> >On an occupied, busy CU-ref, You don=B4t see a single picture of a
> any user even after 10 minutes, or so.

> /\/\ Gary Dietz White Pine Software, Inc./\/\/\/\/\/\
Sorry, I did not want to blame White Pine for any technical matter of
their current or earlier versions of WP CU-SEEEME, nor any of the ref
owners who allow to waste all the bandwidth of a server for unpaid free
video conferencing...

CU is *unique*, concerning structure of their user community (Yes there
are girls with MACs and cams, and yes there are almost no heterosexual
boys who just want to have contact to "f/c w.c" (female or couples with
cams). I never met unfriendly users. The opposite is true with FREEVUE
> Such a generalized, unsupported statement is incorrect without
> specific circumstances. It also may be misleading to someone reading
> this information to make an evaluative decision.
> But then again, this is the Internet ;-)
> What version of Reflector? Freeware? 2.0? 2.1? MeetingPoint? What
> platform? What speed box? How much memory? What bandwidth was
> available? What kind of clients? What bandwidth are the clients
> connected at? What machine are the clients running on?
But.. any technical aspect of a ref is not important if it is "busy" and
the frame rates are 1 frames per 10 minutes. I never payed to join a
ref, but I pay for my telephone time, so.. often the bandwith situation
turns me down so that I leave a busy ref by myself !

I do not insist on joining a ref on busy Internet times, I just surf in
at calm times (4.00 .. 8.00 o=B4clock GMT =3D 5.00 .. 9.00 CET). So the
bottle=B4s neck is just my 28.8 bps connection and the state of the ref,
not the traffic at my provider=B4s server and not the heavy traffic on th=
data highway between Germany/Europe and USA, like from
9.00..12.00..18.00..02.00 o=B4clock CET, and not the traffic at US noon
(18.00..22.00 CET) !=20

So I get rid off most problems which typical European users suffer from:
They want to surf in as an alternative to the evening prime time TV !!!

I pay 2.88 DM =3D $1.5 for each online hour (just the telephone costs),
and there are even more expensive offers in Germany, up to 9 DM (=3D $4.5=
per online hour ! So.. even for me.. videoconferencing is not cheap in
Germany, if it causes an addition to the montly phone bill of extra 100
DM ($50) or even more !=20

Everybody here in Germany thinks that there are not many people who
would *like* to pay additonal 100 DM (=3D $50) for Pay TV per month, by
their own decisions !! So Pay-TV owners are going to buy the excusive
rights for TV transmissions of the football (soccer) world and european
contests, of the Olympic Games, starting in 2002, just to create a
artifical interest in an unwanted product ! So Internet surfing and
video conferencing is somewhat like "real interactive TV", from my point
of view. This was meant a positive statement concerning Internet surfing
!!! So Internet and video surfing must be very great for me if I spend
such an amount of money !

I am personally updating my own private reflist, with a rating system
concerening the number of people connected to it when I contacted to the
ref. So the top 10 % refs (like White Pine Cafe) are first targets if I
would like to chat with unknown people (I even don=B4t anybody personally
here in Germany who owns an Internet cam !). And with these 10 % refs,
the rates are very low, by heavy usage. This is natural from my point of
view, and not a contradiction. But often it is such worse that I leave a
ref because of this reason.
My favourite refs are "University of Vaasa" and "Ostfold/Fenris",
because of the audience.

Double the power of a ref, all is the same if there are twice the number
of users, then (or so).

So I may decide between empty refs (with great transfer rates, with
video *and* audio transmission capability, if there is any other user at
all), and the busy places, where there are a lot of girls and
interesting boys, even german people.. but busy means less no
video (or even no standstill picture) tranmission.

I would like to point at an important feature of CU: The text chat is
*not* affected by any bandwidth problems (either audio or video)

Btw, Gary, how about asking Streak to allow You to include *his* reflist
in the shipped archive of Your newest WP CU-SEEME client ? The
NICKNAME.INI file which originally came with WP 2.1.1x which I am still
using on a trial base, is *so* small, and as long as the users don=B4t se=
this mailing list, or look at special CU-SEEME specific homepages, they
just try these refs which are in the shipped reflist configuration file
! If You really like, You may use my own list, too.

I think that Streak=B4s work by collecting all refs by his refscanner is
really great ! But.. I heard from the WP staff, on the Hannover Fair
CEBIT 1997, that they are *not* interested to do Streak=B4s work instead,
they don=B4t think that this is *their* duty.
I think that this opinion is a great negative marketing decision. If You
sell a communciation system which is used primarily for fun by home
users, it is indeed, as it is a communication system, useless if the
users are left alone. And because the users don=B4t know where to meet
(for using it together and for meeting other interested people), so a
users group message board or in this case a *current* reflist is a
*must* !!!=20

Because I knew about CU-SEEME before I bougth the cam, I bought a b/w
Quickcam for 200 DM (=3D $99), there was no cheaper offer in Germany. So
the only reason for me to use WP CU-SEEME 2.1.1x on a trial base on and
on instead of the free CORNELL client is the fact that I don=B4t want to
exclude users with color cams from my view ! Thats a nice and generous
aspect of my character, don=B4t You think so ? At least I don=B4t need a
color client for sending !

Especially, all special online registration offers by Internet sites are
worthless for german people=20
a) because we don=B4t own credit cards
b) because we don=B4t like credit cards
c) because, if we own such, we don=B4t like to give away number and
expiration date, we know what may happen if this informations are used
by the wrong people (and we know that this happens every day in USA)
d) the transfer of secure Internet data is still unsave, overall
e) concerning shareware, European users are not willing to pay at all,
the software industry says. That=B4s why shareware in Europe is
"crippleware", usually, so that the shareware version does make not much
sense to use (most numeric calculator software distributed as shareware
just does the operations "-" and "/" and not "+" and "*" because of this
reason) In the early 90th, we paid up to 10 DM ($5) for 360K shareware
disks even with such garbage ! Today we pay 2.88 .. 9 DM for one hour of
download by Internet. But at that times, the buying decision of a
shareware disk was just by the name and function of the shareware
programs on the disk, without the knowledge of such crippelware
features. Fortunately, this all is not true for some video phone
software (some try to limit the connection time to 3 minutes, which is=20
*too* little) ! From what I said above, I am a typical, bad European, or
? Do You still like me :-(. I like WP anyhow ! :-)

I don=B4t own a credit card, and the gap between Your special online
price (wasn=B4t it $69 in Spring 1997 or even less ?) and the regular
price (246.10 DM =3D $123) in Germany is quiet high. So as I never buy
goods for "list prices" but for "street prices", I don=B4t like to pay
twice as much just because I don=B4t own a credit card which is
*worthless* and *expensive* in real life in Europe. This is a general
problem of the worldwide Internet community and not just Rolf=B4s and WP=B4=
problem ! So if there was no special dealer=B4s offer in Germany, so ther=
was no acceptable special offer at all !

I read in the news that WP=B4s president would be very glad if M$ buys th=
whole shop. But he was asked if he would be, this was not a rumour that
M$ is interested. Any comments on that ?

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