Re: 1 frame/10 minutes on a ref

Gary Dietz (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 13:54:48 -0500

>But.. any technical aspect of a ref is not important if it is "busy" and
>the frame rates are 1 frames per 10 minutes. I never payed to join a
>ref, but I pay for my telephone time, so.. often the bandwith situation
>turns me down so that I leave a busy ref by myself !

I still don't understand how you get 1 frame every 10 minutes with a
working 28.8 connection to reflectors near you. I guess maybe its a Europe
thing. Except our LaGaude office doesn't report this issue. Hmmmm. I=

>Btw, Gary, how about asking Streak to allow You to include *his* reflist
>in the shipped archive of Your newest WP CU-SEEME client ? The

I am up for putting Streaks reflector scanner on our web pages (don't know
how to get it in the product really, unless we list his server there....)
I, however, don't make those decisions. You can e-mail
and request it again.

>*too* little) ! From what I said above, I am a typical, bad European, or
>? Do You still like me :-(. I like WP anyhow ! :-)

I love Europeans. Used to be one myself. We also have a LaGaude France

>I read in the news that WP=B4s president would be very glad if M$ buys the
>whole shop. But he was asked if he would be, this was not a rumour that
>M$ is interested. Any comments on that ?

Rolf, please provide a press attribution (publication, article, page, date)
where he was quoted saying this. I can assure you that Mr. Cabellero did
not say that. Thus, there is no need for a comment.


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