Re: 1 frame/10 minutes on a ref

Ross Binnie (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 16:23:48 -0500

I will join a busy site tonite and keep a log. Will post the results here.
For the record, 28.8 is real world transmission rate outside of urban are=
(in Canada).=20
There is only 1 ISP that I can join without incuring long distance cahrge=
100 hrs per month for CDN$30.00 . This is new, earlier rate was $15 for =
hrs and $1 hr for overtime.
ISP uses modem and routers to a server in another town. The server then
routes traffic to a connect point somwhere else.
Sprint is the carrier from local office to server and from server to net
connect point.
Local office had only 1 T1 line to handle all of the traffic, now has
additional line routed via a different carrier.
This is not an unusual situation, in Canada.
Cable is not available.

I am fortunate, rates in Europe are _very_ much higher. The rate structur=
there keep Net traffic at a much lower level. UK, France and Germany in
particular make Net usage a luxury.

Perhaps I am even more fortunate, not very long ago there was a different
Telco here. Service was so bad it was dubbed the Agony and Nonexistent
Telephone Company. Gov. of Ontario took control and sold the system to Be=
Canada. Bell installed a complete new system and it has been a refreshing
change from what was here before.



> From: Gary Dietz <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: 1 frame/10 minutes on a ref
> Date: Monday, October 27, 1997 1:54 PM
> >But.. any technical aspect of a ref is not important if it is "busy" a=
> >the frame rates are 1 frames per 10 minutes. I never payed to join a
> >ref, but I pay for my telephone time, so.. often the bandwith situatio=
> >turns me down so that I leave a busy ref by myself !
> I still don't understand how you get 1 frame every 10 minutes with a
> working 28.8 connection to reflectors near you. I guess maybe its a
> thing. Except our LaGaude office doesn't report this issue. Hmmmm. I
> >Btw, Gary, how about asking Streak to allow You to include *his* refli=
> >in the shipped archive of Your newest WP CU-SEEME client ? The
> I am up for putting Streaks reflector scanner on our web pages (don't
> how to get it in the product really, unless we list his server there...=
> I, however, don't make those decisions. You can e-mail
> and request it again.
> >*too* little) ! From what I said above, I am a typical, bad European, =
> >? Do You still like me :-(. I like WP anyhow ! :-)
> I love Europeans. Used to be one myself. We also have a LaGaude Franc=
> office.
> >I read in the news that WP=B4s president would be very glad if M$ buys=
> >whole shop. But he was asked if he would be, this was not a rumour tha=
> >M$ is interested. Any comments on that ?
> Rolf, please provide a press attribution (publication, article, page,
> where he was quoted saying this. I can assure you that Mr. Cabellero d=
> not say that. Thus, there is no need for a comment.
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