Streak´s phonebook, Sellout of WP to M$ ?

Rolf Hemmerling (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 23:18:55 +0100

Gary Dietz wrote:
> I am up for putting Streaks reflector scanner on our web pages (don't >=
know how to get it in the product really, unless we list his server
> there....)
No, I requested that a "copy" of the list generated on a key day is
included as default phonebook for the shipped (shareware and full)
version of the WP clients.

> >I read in the news that WP=B4s president would be very glad if M$ buys=
> >whole shop. But he was asked if he would be, this was not a rumour tha=
> >M$ is interested. Any comments on that ?
> Rolf, please provide a press attribution (publication, article, page, d=
> where he was quoted saying this. I can assure you that Mr. Cabellero d=
> not say that. Thus, there is no need for a comment.

Source: Internet-Magazin 8/97, page 12, by WebMedia GmbH (a german

Original german text:=20
"Messesplitter Internet World =B497 Berlin, Stimmengewirr.
Thema Microsoft-Dominanz
Brian Lichorowic, Vice President, Marketing, White Pine Software:
Ich w=FCrde keine Augenblick z=F6gern, meine Firma an Microsoft zu

"News from the Fair Internet World =B497 in Berlin
Voices from the fair.
Topic: Dominance of Microsoft
Brian Lichorowic, Vice President, Marketing, White Pine Software:
I wouldn=B4t wait/hesitate a single moment to sell my company to
(so he would)

O.k. Gary, it was the vice president.. not the president !

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