Phones for MAC and PC

Rolf Hemmerling (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 00:27:52 +0100

Jason Williams wrote:
> One word... (iVisit)
Ups.. I forgot IVISIT to mention: No girls, very little but friendly
audience coming over from the CU community, currenty the evaluation
duration is very limited for each new version.

Marketing relevance means: Free, (almost) unlimited clients, so that
only a few people "must" pay, the rest of the thousands of users is
using the product for free without pain. 10.000th of users must be
*willing* to download or to get a new CD of a computer magazine to
install the shareware / freeware / almost unlimited demoversion.

See Netmeeting, Intel Iphone, Cornell CU-SEEME (all for free), WP 2.1.1x
(30 minutes connection timeout is o.k.)

Btw, the best PC-only conferencing tool, XTX, has no audience !


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