Re: Reflector Scanner Web Pages

Rolf Hemmerling (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 00:04:41 +0100

Wayne Fisher wrote:
> I have seen some talk of a few reflecto scanner web pages which > disp=
lay lists of currently active reflectors... I checked out
> Streak's reflector scanner, but, alas, the scanner resulted in
> displayed 0 hits out of a possible 200-and-some reflectors in the=20
> database... Hm.... any ideas on why this happened? Any other
> reflector scanner pages that anyone knows
> of?
For old, outdated lists, check my list of (outdated) lists at

Streak=B4s list ist the only current one. From my pov, even in this list,
there are too many outdated (=3D inactive) refs in it (at any time). But
all other static lists are much worse. So the link to Streak=B4s list ist
my No.1 !!!!

Of course I am collecting my own list, with comments about email and
homepage addresses for each ref, and a rating system (whether a ref has
audience or not). Feel free to check it too !

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