Re: Refs or no refs

Rolf Hemmerling (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 00:13:22 +0100

Brian Godette wrote:
> Now take into account that in 10 seconds with a 28.8
> connect you can receive roughly 35Kbytes of data you begin to see that =
> isn't such a big deal (roughly 2% of your total bandwidth per client). =
> if you're really paying attention, you'll notice that 38% of your bandw=
> is consumed when a conference reaches 20 clients (you're receiving
> information from N-1 clients), which is why the 15Kbps max transmission
> rate starts to make sense, it gives you about a 9% buffer zone for a
> conference that size.
Wow.. You are the technical expert ! So !=20
15kbps max transmission =20
(Althought I can=B4t believe it that it must be that low, but your
calculations were convincing. So I must set up the max sending rates
according to the number of participants, dynamically, after loging on a
ref !)

But I hope that
28kbps max receiving=20
is allowed for 28.8 connections.

So what are the expert=B4s advices for the min transmission and receiving
with the same technical elegance ?

But.. from my pov, this proves my feelings that "full refs are
very-slow, even if I receive just a few videos", in opposite to what
Gary is argueing !

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