Re: Refs or no refs, 1 frame/10 minutes

Jason Williams (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 18:18:12 -0600 (CST)

On Mon, 27 Oct 1997, Rolf Hemmerling wrote:
> Now I changed that to "up to 3 clients" for my 28.8 K connection,
> minimum transmission and reception rate is 10, maximum transmission and
> reception rate is 28, and I disabled auto-opening and auto-closing.

You may wish to set your max send to 15...though the main part of your
problem was probably the auto-open on the WP client. (Aren't bugs fun)
With auto-open on, you'd see your performance go down the drain after 3-4
people joined.

> This change in the configuration seeems to help much.

I should hope so :) It should be much better now...
You can see why Brian states: "This is a bug that causes the majority of
complaints about bad/broken vid"

> I hope that the
> ref does not send me back my 15 kbps, or ???? That would be a great
> fault, from my pov. doesn't...unless of course, the reflector has self-reflect mode on
and you have your video open. :)

> Again, tell me please the kbps values of T1 and T3. ISDN has 64 KBit,
> channel bundeling (= 128 KBit) is not usual for accessing ISP accounts.
> Analog lines
> allow 33.6 Kbit, and with the new 56K-FLEX technology by US-ROBOTICS, we
> may download with 56 KBit and upload with 33.6 KBit.

T1 = 1.5Mbps, T3 = 45Mbps...USR = X2 56kbps..
That answers the question about bandwidth there :) ISDN, though not common
everywhere in the US, is becoming more standard for a lot of places.

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