Re: ICUII, IVISIT (offtopic)

Rolf Hemmerling (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 09:35:59 +0100

Jason Williams wrote:
> I just came across another one the other day.. ICUII which seems quite
> promising. The color was great. =20
ICUII does not yet work with the b/w Quickcam, the "extra" DLL file does
not solve the problem: The program stops with Error 50003 immediately
after the start. I sit and wait for the next release. Note that there
is no E-Mail return address on the main page, but Alta-Vista told me to
use this unlinked page for a mail return formular:

IVISIT does *not* support the most popular audio hardware on the PC,
the standard "Soundblaster 2.0 8-bit". So I can=B4t use audio with my
original Soundblaster-Pro (8-bit stereo, unidirectional), nor can do the
owners of so-called 16-bit Soundblaster-compatible cards (which are
using the 16 bit mode just by their own drivers for WIN 3.1, but which
are just hardware compatible with my Soundblaster-Pro and not with the
Soundblaster-16. So especially older cards are not bidirectional or at
least their drivers do not support this feature). This all is true
especially for most older notebooks equipped with soundcards !

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