Re: Reflector Scanner Web Pages

Jason Williams (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 06:09:33 -0600 (CST)

On Tue, 28 Oct 1997, Rolf Hemmerling wrote:
> Streak=B4s list ist the only current one. From my pov, even in this list,
> there are too many outdated (=3D inactive) refs in it (at any time).

Let's not forget
to only show active ones :)

> But
> all other static lists are much worse. So the link to Streak=B4s list ist
> my No.1 !!!!

Other lists are much worse simply because they are static lists trying to
model the dynamic behavior of reflectors.

> Of course I am collecting my own list, with comments about email and
> homepage addresses for each ref, and a rating system (whether a ref has
> audience or not).

I've thought about adding a lot more fields.. min/max send and receive
rates required by the reflector, email addresses, rating fields, etc.
The problem in my aspect is it reduces the likelihood of more reflectors
being added to the scanner.

I know I've come across HUGE forms where you have to know lots of details
about the reflector. I've generally just skipped adding it because of all
the work I'd have to do with entering it. I've tried to keep it as simple
as possible and still provide a lot of functionality..which I think I've
There's also the fact of having to go back through every one of the
reflectors and dig up information if I add fields. It took ages to get
URLs for some reflectors.. (Most reflectors don't list URLs for the ref in
the MOTD).

The future for reflector lists is definitely (IMHO) a scanner..something
that monitors and checks the status of reflectors on a continuous basis.

My latest scan of the refs turned up: 164 active refs 87 inactive refs
Just FYI, I peaked on # of active refs on 10/07/97 with 184 active refs=20
68 inactive refs.

Also, the scanner does automatically weed out reflectors which haven't
been active in 3 months.

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