Slow Vid and MTU's

Brian Dowtin (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 08:55:20 -0500 (EST)

I haven't seen this implicated in ROLF's and others slow video problem
but I've just learned about it and it seems to have made a difference
real or percieved.

Apparently Micro$oft has a bad default setting in their TCP/IP config for
Windows 95.

Its the MTU setting - its set too large in most Win95 machines.

The default setting is 1032 or something
and a more optimal one is 576.

MTU = Max Transmission Unit
Has to do with packets and nice TCP stuff.

To 'fix' it you can go into the registry and tweak the settings,
or use a program to set it for ya.

There are at least two. You can find them by going to and searching for 'MTU'

one is freeware one is shareware. The shareware one gives an excellent
explanaition of whats going on and why the fix helps.

-- then again not sure if this affects UDP at all, so may have no
effect..have to look that up... but just in case it does there's the

Hope it Helps!
'Brian Dowtin