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Gary Dietz (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 16:11:50 -0500

At 02:51 PM 10/28/97 -0600
>(Compared to the White Pine 2.0 reflector which won't allow any
connections from 3.X >clients).

This, once and for all, is bulls**!

Any person who has a LEGAL copy of WP Ref 2.0 can upgrade to 2.1 for FREE!
While it is true that 3.x clients can't work with WP 2.0 refs, 3.0 clients
*do* work with WP 2.1 refs.

So, anybody who is running a WP 2.0 Ref who won't upgrade either a) is
using the WP Ref 2.0 "constant and forever demo version" (which I don't
care to adress here... thiefs), or b) Isn't aware of the free upgrade.
Please tell them this Jason.

I'm ignoring most of rest of post, cause it is all opinion. OPINION of
which I can offer counter arguments ad naseum. But I have to get to work
(as Jason will too soon when he graduates, and perhaps change many of his
opinions of development cycles, competition in a non-freeware market, and
business in general. Jason, I'm still up for that beer the next time I'm
in Texas.

>the H.323 specs. (It's still my understanding that CU-SeeMe won't be able
>to make direct calls to a Netmeeting or Intel Videophone user without the
>use of a MeetingPoint reflector.)


>True, iVisit is still in its infancy and can be improved upon a lot, but
>for a free program that doesn't require a $2000-$25,000 reflector to allow
>multipoint conferencing, it's a good bargain. It shows the idea that
>common people aren't so much interested in standards based video
>conferencing as much as they are in a quality product that accomplishes
>what they want to.

No, what it shows is that someone built something and hopes they come.
Whether the sales model is there for their stuff remains to be seen. I've
chatted with people at iVisit (on their product) and wish them luck. Its a
big market, and WP has room for a number 2.

Talk to me in 12-18 months. Either I will be right or you will. And you
won't be right Jason, about more things than you are right about. Offer
for beer still open.

>iVisit also has a nice message board where people can post questions and
>comments on a web page. It's not directly related to the program itself,
>but it does show Boxtop's idea of supporting their program. There's no
>way White Pine would be able to do this from what I can tell because their
>webmaster seems to be overwhelmed with work.

Perhaps Jason, its because Boxtop has SO little community right now they
can handle their incoming mail better ;-)

Plus, just wait. Well, screw it, don't wait. No matter WHAT web support we
provide, you won't be happy. What about the new CU-SeeMe support
conference? What about the FAQ web pages? What about our great support
team? What about upcoming stuff you don't even know about? And you DON'T
know about a lot of what WP is planning. But you won't be happy (others

I gotta catch a plane.



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