We are all on an "extended demo"

Rolf Hemmerling (hemmerling@geocities.com)
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 07:09:53 +0100

Gary Dietz wrote:
> Now that you've basically said you haven't even bought a legal client
> from White Pine, you are on an "extended demo" I'm not answering your >=
questions anymore. Use the freeware and complain to the Cornell
> support department (;-)
Gary.. aren=B4t we all on an "extended demo" even if we pay for software =
The next update of any software is always promised, announced or
expected soon and very often it is not free !

We all live in a yellow, yellow submarine, yellow submarine.
We are all on our demo tour, extended demo tour, extended demo tour...

The 80th were the piracy=B4s heaven, the 90th opened paradise for
"extended demo" tour tourists like I am :-). Take it easy !


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