Re: ICUII, IVISIT (offtopic)

Rolf Hemmerling (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 15:45:25 +0100

Jason Williams wrote:
> > IVISIT does *not* support the most popular audio hardware on the PC,
> > the standard "Soundblaster 2.0 8-bit".
I mean that Ivisit says "Failed to open audio device" even if the "full
duplex" option is not activated. It just refuses its work ! I am using
the drivers "Soundblaster-Wiedergabe 220" (e.g. "Soundblaster-Playback
220) and "Soundblaster-Aufnahme 220" (e.g. "Soundblaster-Recording 220).
> I don't see anywhere in the PDF file for iVisit 1.0 nor on the web
> page anything which mentions incompatiblities or lack of support for
> the SoundBlaster card. In fact, it has a check box for Full Duplex so
> you can toggle it on and off if you card doesn't support it. From the
> docs: "Check this box if you want to use full-duplex. Only audio cards
> that support full-duplex can use this option. When you first install
> iVisit it will always set the duplex mode to half-duplex even if you
> have a full-duplex card."
I reported my message as bug. Hopefully, its just a bug and not a
missing feature ! But I remember that I reported the missing audio
support (or bug) for Soundblaster-Pro cards (or at least for *my*
computer) some time ago, and nothing changed with new releases. So I sit
and wait....

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