Nico Pot (in@explorer.demon.nl)
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 08:40:17 +0100

About the i-visit thing,
It doesn't work without the direct X set of drivers.
It is a file with a length of almost 5 MB.
The drivers provide direct hardware support but a lot of hardware doesn't
like it when the processor "speaks" to them in that way.
I get a lot of blue screens when I use these direct X things, and they are
a pain in the ass (sorry) to get them off the system again.
Allso in my case (yes even with version 1) the audio doesn't work and the
video is less quality.
The image is good but reacting slow and you can see that it is build by
little blocks, in my opinion the vid from cu-seeme is a lot better if the
image is there.
I use isdn and bundeled channels so I have a speed of 128k here.

Again from my point of view, it is a nice tool if you already have those
direct x drivers running without any problems, but if you don't there is a
lot of downloading to do, and maybe troubles with the direct x things
(version 5) some games doesn't work anymore after installation of the
direct x.
You can build your own chatrooms, but sometimes when you are talking with a
person another person hops in and tries to talk private.
That means that the party to who I was talking originally doesn't see him/her
but he see the conversation between us and thinks, whats hanging on my bike
now, to who is he talking to.
Also it slows very much when you are connected that way.

I - visit ??
I don't like it very much.
But this is from my point of view.
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