differents between cu-seeme and I-visit

Nico Pot (in@explorer.demon.nl)
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 09:34:24 +0100

Hi again,
Coming back on my latest "letter" there is one big different between
cu-seeme and I-visit, correct me if I am wrong.

You can connect to I-visit on two ways.
1. one to one talk
2. group talk by making your own box or join one.

most people I see did number one, not two

you can see those people in a directory listing, but there is (untill now)
no way to see if they are connected to another person.
also no vid of them, only their name.
so you have to click on them to connect, with the chance that you will
disturb a private talk.
They can click you away, but a lot of people don't understand this and
reconnect and reconnect and....
Or they will not understand it.
When I am talking to a girl, she also is using the name of a man, her real
name is susan but she is using the name CARL only to prevent that men
connect to her all the time, slowing down the conversation.
And they do all the time, don't take no for an answer !!!
It is like when you are talking on a ref to a person and another person is
trying to DC with her, annoying !!
She say she don't want it, but 5 secs later another person hops in.
think 95 % is male 5 % is female and sometimes there are only 20 persons in
the whole thing.

the group is different, you can create your own, with a password if needed,
but until now after I did I can't get in my own group with a password.
And when you are in, your name is still listed in the directory and people
can still try to DC to you, with the same effect.

with cu-seeme stuff you can see the persons, look to them, but don't
disturb them.
With I-visit, you have to disturb the people only to see who they are and
look like.
Girls normally have no normal life on it, my female friends hate it.
Okay I hear people say, then talk one to one with cu-seeme.
But a lot of my friends are behind a firewall, so cu-seeme doesn't work.
The i-visit works even when you are on a firewall, thats the greatest advance.

Sorry for my bad english, I am dutch.
Nico Pot, The Netherlands.
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