Self Reflect (was Re: Refs or no refs)

Bill Woodland (
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 23:00:42 -0600

At 11:04 PM 10/28/97 +0800, ike relucio wrote:
>The ip address is the tcp/ip loopback address. The video that=
>send while connected to that address does not really go out to the=
>It is looped-back from within your system so it is really not appropriate=
>compare the image quality that you get from that.
>Look for a reflector that has a self-reflect conference id that you can
>connect to. That way your video goes out to the reflector and gets sent=
>to you.

NO Blues at conference 1 is set to self reflect, expressly
for that purpose. I think I set the time limit there to about 5 minutes,
but that should be enough to test with. If not, wait one minute and

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