Re: CU girls !

Bill Woodland (
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 23:11:57 -0600

At 03:08 PM 10/28/97 -0600, Jason Williams wrote:
>On Tue, 28 Oct 1997, J. Michael McGill wrote:
>> Which is better ivisit or CU-SeeMe?
>Try both and see for yourself...everyone has different opinions...
>iVisit =3D
>Cornell CU =3D
>WP CU =3D
>CU has the advantage of being out and being tested for the last 5 years...
>The Cornell version took over 2 years to get audio and about 2.5 years to
>get a chat window it. iVisit has all of this with only a few months of
>being beta tested. Ideas spawn more ideas.

Keep in mind that Ivisit is being written by Tim Dorsey, who was the main
programmer for the original Cornell version of CU. I'm sure that has a lot
to do with the quick program development of Ivisit.

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