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Jason Williams (
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 02:31:57 -0600 (CST)

I just wanted to apologize for starting the ball rolling on all the off
topic postings related to other video conferencing packages...I expected
someone to jump in and say "stop posting off topic messages". It sort of
snowballed into iVisit, XtX, and ICUII threads..

While I, myself, like discussions about other video conferencing programs,
the listserv is technically for CU-SeeMe related topics. I don't want to
stray too far off topic cause then the CU listserv ends up looking like a
general video conferencing listserv where every video conferencing program
is discussed. At first I justified it by comparing other programs to
CU...but things have digressed a lot from tech support for other
programs. Any further collaboration on my part with programs outside of
CU will be via email only.

I also want to thank David Bundy at White Pine for his detailed response
to my post. He provided the technical information about Enhanced CU that
I was lacking and set me straight on some things that were quite unclear
and Gary Dietz couldn't tell me for whatever reason. While I may not
agree with White Pine's marketing skills and a lot of other things, I do
respect their right to make money on the open market and advance the
program as they see fit.

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