Re: We are all on an "extended demo"

Ross Binnie (
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 09:17:16 -0500

I understand the pain expressed in Gary Dietz's comment. I am not
looking for a free ride. Until there is a working point to point
conferencing system (and I stress the working part), Net video
conferencing remains little more than a novelty.

Point to Point via POTS may be a little better, but I haven't
been able (to date) to try this aspect with anyone else. That may
change in the next few weeks when some tests are carried out in a
nearby town.

I am using various demo apps. in the hope that I will find
something that works the way I want. I use Cu-SeeMe as a sort of
bench mark and then compare other conferencing software to the
Cu-SeeMe system.

Installed on my system at this time:

System P133, 16MB, S64 Video (2mb), Sound Blaster 16, USR 28.8,
Connectix Quick Cam (grey scale).=20

Application: Comment:

CU-SeeMe Poor =20

Connectix Videophone Fair

iVisit Buggy

Net Meeting Have not used

XtX Buggy

In addition I had an app. from Smith Micro. I couldn't get it to
work and it time lapsed. D/l again (twice) and it posted a Time
Expired error after installing.

I would be glad to try Point to Point with anyone using any of
the above apps. or something else if someone else feels they have
a better way of doing this.
Intruding on other people's conferences is not a good way to
advance the concept.


> From: Rolf Hemmerling <>
> To:
> Subject: We are all on an "extended demo"
> Date: Wednesday, October 29, 1997 1:09 AM
> Gary Dietz wrote:
> > Now that you've basically said you haven't even bought a legal client
> > from White Pine, you are on an "extended demo" I'm not answering your=
questions anymore. Use the freeware and complain to the Cornell
> > support department (;-)
> Gary.. aren=B4t we all on an "extended demo" even if we pay for softwar=
e ?
> The next update of any software is always promised, announced or
> expected soon and very often it is not free !
> We all live in a yellow, yellow submarine, yellow submarine.
> We are all on our demo tour, extended demo tour, extended demo tour...
> The 80th were the piracy=B4s heaven, the 90th opened paradise for
> "extended demo" tour tourists like I am :-). Take it easy !
> Sincerely
> Rolf
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