enhanced 1.07b7 ref

Digisite (Digisite@aol.com)
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 14:37:08 EST

A couple of configuration questions about Brians enhanced 1.07b7 ref........

I've been using the Cornell ref (4.00b3) on one of my remote hosting services.
The Cornell ref doesnt bind to the IP of my website but instead ends up
binding to the IP of the webhosting services main page (it took foreverer to
find that out, never did really figure out why, but now that I know, it doesnt
cause a problem).
I got the NT version working on a local machine here at home and I've now
installed Brians version for the SunOs4.1.4 on a remote host but cant seem to
get it working. I've tried leaving the configuration file entry for HOSTNAME
IP out, I've tried using my websites IP there, and I've tried using the IP#
that the Cornell ref binds to (and I've tried using the hostname with and
without the www). I keep getting an error message in the log file that says:

Unable to bind to (the various entries tried), attempting to bind using

The ref then seems like it is running, but if I call it with the Cu client
(v2.1.1), I cant get in, and the client always gives me a reflector error
message that says something about having the wrong IP and to restart CuSeeme.

HELP.......any ideas???

Additionally there are two configuration file entries in the docs......is
there a difference between them?

CONF-BAD-ID-MSG Message String
BAD-CONF-ID-MSG Message String