Re Off Topic

Ross Binnie (
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 08:18:14 -0500

Off Topic? I don't think so.

The Cu-SeeMe forum is where some of the best minds put forward
their ideas or seek more knowledge. Students (not only from
Cornell) have used the knowledge about Cu-SeeMe to develop their
own concept of what Video Conferencing should be. When I use the
names of their products here, it is not meant to draw the theme
of the conference away from Cu-SeeMe. Net video conferencing is
still new and is changing day by day. The new products may
succeed or fail in the real world. However, we do need to know
something about the other technologies simply to gain an
understanding of where the concept is going.

The many WP reflectors around the world illustrate that Cu-SeeMe
is alive and doing just fine (even though it doesn't work that
well for me). The competing technologies also have real world

This forum has provided many contacts and links that have
enhanced my knowledge of the subject. Hardware and software
developers contacted through links from this conference have
kindly offered their products for trial use in the field of

Ross Binnie