Martin Sean Riedel-Martinez (
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 20:25:22 -0600

We are currently pursuing research in implementing CU See Me and the
corresponding reflector technology into our Computer Center resources.
One obstacle we have run into is regarding the reflector. We would very
much like to set a local reflector up, but have encountered some
difficulties. We found the reflector, an NT/95 version, that fits our
network. Upon downloading, however, the configuration file is a "sample"
configuration file with little to no direction as to how to implement
it. It decompressed into a .doc file which is by no means a standard
config file extension. Also, upon examining the batch file, it never
shows a place where it refers to the config file. It is my guess that
this file, when properly set needs to be inserted somewhere where it is
"consulted" as the reflector starts up.
We are at a bit of a stand still. The PDF file I found does not mention
how to set the configuration or what to do with it once you do. If you
have any resources or suggestions as to what I should do next, please
let me know. We are very excited about the technology and would like to
use it to its fullest capabilities. Unfortunately, until we can prove
the technology is functional and useful, we will not be able to get the
College to back the project financially.
Any assistance you can provide would be most welcome.
Thank you
M. Sean Riedel-Martinez
User Services Specialist
Ferris Computer Center
Knox College