Re: Unexpected error 11 (more)

Craig Miller (
Thu, 1 Sep 1994 14:36:25 -0400

>I have the same problem. Also when I was using Maven 2.0a16, it simply didn't
>Dongming Zhang
>> I get this error sporatically when I run CU-SeeMe 0.70b8 on a PowerMac
>> 8100/80av. I looked up the error in a Sys 7.0.1 error code list and it
>> says that it is a miscellaneous hardware exception error.
I too have seen an Error 11 on my PowerMac 6100 at home, only I wasn't
doing anything with the net or CU or Maven. I was running Sparkle to
convert a VFW's movie file into a MPEG file. I suspect that my VFW movie
file had some problems as I also crashed into an Error 11 running MovieShop
on the file.

For what it is worth I just upgraded to the latest enabler on my 6100
(v1.02 I think), and maybe we have a bug in our PowerPCs!

Hope this helps...


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