Re: Supported video cards for Windows CU-SeeMe

M. Carleer (
Fri, 2 Sep 1994 12:31:43 -0400

Windows CU-SeeMe users:
> ........
>Cards that I and users have tried and work:
>* Creative Labs Video Spigot for Windows
>* Creative Labs Video Blaster (not sure about the SE model yet).
>Cards that users have reported as working:
>* Screen Machine Classic (you must install the Screen Machine version of
> Video for Windows).
>* Hauppauge Cinema WIN/TV (but NOT the Hauppauge Celebrity WIN/TV card).
>Cards that do not currently work with CU-SeeMe:
>* Pro Movie Spectrum
>* ComputerEyes/RT
>* Hauppauge Celebrity WIN/TV
>* Intel Indeo
> .........

To my knowledge (I tried them) there are two additional cards that work with

* The Movie Blaster which is a Video Blaster sold by a German company.

* The MediaPro+ from a Scottish company named Rombo Electronics.

Both are mainly available in Europe.

Michel Carleer :-)
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