CUSeeme Card/Camera Survey Request

Gabriel S. Mascardo (
Fri, 2 Sep 1994 13:39:19 -0400

Current CuSeeme Users:
If you are currently capable of sending, most new users would like to
know what is working for you now and how much it would cost for a setup
similar to yours. Please answer this survey and I will summarize the
responses and post it to the list and send a copy to the FAQ maintainer.
PS. Any low-cost hints would be appreciated.
Gabriel Mascardo Jr. mail:

Survey: What works well with CuSeeme?

CuSeeme software: MAC [ ] Windows [ ]

Video card:
Approx. cost:

Video camera:
Color & B/W [ ] B/W only [ ]
Approx. cost:

*** Please answer below if you have any remarks ***
*** on your current setup ***

[ ] I have our own reflector
[ ] I use public reflectors

Other Remarks/Suggestions(Ease of setup)/Applications in mind:

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