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Sun, 4 Sep 1994 05:58:20 -0400

I haven't really seen a FAQ for cuseeme so I'm probably asking about
common things here..

I've used the cuseeme for Windows and it worked great but I was a little
surprised that it didn't have any way to play out prerecorded video..
instead of capturing some Microsoft Video 1 video to send, why not read
an AVI with that data?

Next and I suppose a continuation of the first one, what about something
to be run on the unix reflector machine allowing it to read video data
and send it out directly without requiring a cuseeme client to send it..

Lastly, I use an Intel Smart Video Recorder that captures using Indeo
with the normal Windows video capture drivers.. can cuseeme send out from
that input (Video for Windows can capture from it so I don't know why
not) instead of only capturing Video 1?

I like the project a lot and wish it well.


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