Re: Beijing address....

David Watson (
Mon, 5 Sep 1994 04:01:47 -0400

>|) --> stuff deleted.......... I am now interested in contacting
>|) the Beijing half of the connection to see if we can also set up a
>|) connection. If you happen to have the IP address or email address of the
>|) participants could you please send it on to me..
>Why not post it on the list?

Okay... No IP number yet, however I did receive this email address...

>)I have misplaced the IP number but the email contact is:
>)Luo Jingchu <>

As you are from the Philippines, is there an IP number for a site
"locally". We are few weeks away from having a group of Health Managers
join us for a residential course and I would like to share with them some
CuSeeMe options.


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