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K C Lun (
Mon, 5 Sep 1994 20:30:12 -0400

> >
> >Why not post it on the list?
> Okay... No IP number yet, however I did receive this email address...
> >)I have misplaced the IP number but the email contact is:
> >)Luo Jingchu <>

Your Beijing contact is correct. You should email Dr Luo of the
School of Life Sciences first to arrange for a CUSM session as he is not
operating a reflector there and any CUSM session is a one-on-one.

> As you are from the Philippines, is there an IP number for a site
> "locally". We are few weeks away from having a group of Health Managers
> join us for a residential course and I would like to share with them some
> CuSeeMe options.

I am operating a reflector in Singapore and have conducted CUSM sesssions
with many countries including Murdoch University in Perth. As I am quite
busy these days, I am not on it all the time. If you are interested in a
test linkup, please email me for an appointed date and time and I shall
be pleased to arrange for a demo. Try not to do it this week as I am on

Looking forward to Ceeing U.

KC "working from home" Lun

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