Gate crashing.....

David Watson (
Mon, 5 Sep 1994 21:26:42 -0400

In a totally bizarre case of connecting....

I connected to cucm via vers. b5 on a Mac Classic II 4mb, sys. 7.01, to
Cornell 2. As I have no video capabilities I am in receive mode, lurking.
This particular session has a good number of partcipants >10 and a few
others lurkers. The Mac starts running very slow and as I watched over
about a 10 minute period with only 2 windows open (set via prefs) the
response time continued to degrade.

5 minutes later the sytem admin. rang to say I had eaten the whole link,
much to the dismay of the other 4-500 people using it. Now the link is
shocking, but would linking into a "heavy" session" with multiple
participants eat the band width for receivers who were not sending? Is
there a way to avoid this scenario from repeating itself?

David Watson
School of Health
University of New England
Armidale, NSW Australia 2351