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We are going to pubish an article on the CU-See-me product in the Sept. 22
issue of Query. Is it Ok to publish and edited version of this reflector
John Noon
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Reflector List
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Here is the Reflector list that I maintain in ASCII format. If you have
corrections or additions. Please send them to me.

CU-SeeMe Reflector List

This list is kept up by If you have any questions.
Or would like to add your reflector to this list please, please. Send me an
email with the information. I will add it here. We would like to have a
complete list. I have received many lists that do not have all the
information . I will add them to the bottom of this list.

North Carolina State Unversity

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
The Multimedia lab is proud to have a CU-SeeMe reflector. Magneto is
located in the lab and used for many projects. To see the projects that
have been done or to see projects that are going on use

This reflector is also the home to:
Calli - Scott Callicutt
Yazoo - Brad Allison

NYSERNet, Inc.

Location: Liverpool, New York ,USA
Contacts:, Comments
One of the oldest continuously operating reflectors, NYSERNet has been
offering public CU SeeMe connections since Spring 1993. We are happy to
participate in demos as time permits.

To learn more about NYSERNet, a non-profit Internet service provider,
gopher to, port 70, or WEB to http:/ / Don't miss
the "I Love NY" area of our web, which includes a photo and audio of our
state bird, courtesy of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology!

QMS, Inc.

Location: Mobile, Alabama, USA
This reflector is experimental. It may or may not be available at any time.
Please visit our WWW site at (Best of the Web Nominee) If I am
not on the reflector, please email me or get on IRC channel #ITV and let me
know you want some company on the reflector. Note: I am behind a firewall
so I can't connect to outside reflectors.

Pennsylvania State University

Location: University Park, Pennsylvania, USA Contacts:
This system is part of the Center for Academic Computing here at Penn State
and it sits on an Ethernet network which goes out to our FDDI campus
backbone. Please note that our University as a whole has a single T1 going
out to the Internet, and although that is adequate for most things, cuseeme
users should still keep their settings down. I was just informed that my
site (due to cuseeme usage) is the largest consumer of bandwidth on our T1.
This reflector is also "unicasting" with another unpublished reflector that
we are testing.

Here is a link to use for more information about Pennsylvania State

University of Pennsylvania

NAME: isis.dccs.upen
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Contacts:
The University of Pennsylvania office of Data Communications and Computing
Services (DCCS) operates a CU-SeeMe reflector on ISIS.DCCS.UPENN.EDU, This server is intended to be operational 7 days a week, 24
hours a day, although it runs on a "casually-supported" Sun workstation.
Penn has no official function for this server; rather it is available to
local and remote colleagues for demonstration purposes. Our primary camera
station is in the office lobby atop a Mac Quadra 700 on our network kiosk.
Accordingly you will see a random mix of staff and visitors during the day,
and a door after hours. Please confine "drop ins" to short times and
minimal audio, since we seek to follow Cornell's guidelines on "being kind
to the Internet." Visitors also welcome to our web server,

GTE Laboratories, Inc.

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
This reflector has been in operation within the Advanced LAN Testbed since
early 1993. The reflector is primarly used for experimental work and it is
available for public use also. We have a T-1 Internet connection here at
GTE Labs to NEARnet however, please keep bit rates low (30 kbps or less)
when connected for more than several minutes. MAVEN is enabled and
Conference ID is set to 0. The reflector will soon be operational on a Fast
Ethernet and ATM network (late Summer 1994). Our interest in this
technology is mainly in the transport and analysis of multimedia, video
server, packet video and packet voice traffic over various network
infrastructures which includes switched Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, FDDI, and
ATM networks. In addition, we (the Advanced LAN Testbed at GTE
Laboratories) are interested in doing collaborative research with other
research groups or institutions. If anyone has comments or questions,
please refer them to Alan R. Bugos at E-mail address:


Location: Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland
Will be added shortly

National University of Singapore

Location: Singapore
Contacts:, Comments
We have been running CuSeeMe on PCs but have recently tried out the latest
Mac version.

University of Lisbon / Faculty of Sciences

Location: Portugal
Contacts:, Comments
This video reflector located in Portugal is maintained by the Department of
Info rmatics.

You can obtain more information about our University/Faculty from our WWW
server at We have only two 64K Line, but you are
welcome to jo in our tests with CU-Seeme.

Ostfold Regional College / Department of Computer Science

Location: Halden, Norway
Contacts:, Comments is a permanent, multipurpose reflector for
experimenting with CU-SeeMe

Location: Halden, Norway
Contacts:, Comments is a permanent reflector relaying NASA Select
video from Lewis Research, Cleveland. The point of running this reflector
is to prevent many parallel connections accross the Atlantic, reducing the
load on the Internet.

Network Solutions, Inc.

Location: Herndon, Virgina, USA
This reflector is running v2.21x.

Other Sites

I have connect tp these sites to make sure they are running reflectors.
They where all up and running when I tried them out on 6/28/94. Please send
me more information about your site if it is listed below and I will move
it up above.

Site name IP number Comments ( CNDIR ( LUTCHI ( ( Carnegie Mellon GSIA ( ( Original Cornell ( New FDDI Cornell reflector ( ( (

Andy Charrier
Lakeville High School Technology Center