RE: Burning Man on the Web - downloading images works now

Gruwell, Tammie (
Wed, 7 Sep 1994 10:25:53 -0400


I had no problem getting to your home page or any of the other pages linked
from your home page. I have a 486 66HZ machine.

Tammie Gruwell
Institute for Simulation and Training
>This is disturbing news. Is this a common response time for being served
>by my server? It's a 486 running Linux and doing nothing else. Would
>y'all wander a bit through my home pages at your convenience and tell me if
>you're seeing this as typical. If so, I have a real problem because I
>don't know what to do - it's a dedicated machine... :-(

Michael Sattler <>, FTP Software, West Coast Operations
Quality Assurance Manager
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