CU Demo on 9/14

Elliott Mitchell (
Wed, 7 Sep 1994 10:27:04 -0400

Maybe this is not the right place to post this, maybe I'm subscribed to
this list from a different account and the message will never see the light
of day!

In any event, here goes. On September 14 I've been volunteered to
demonstrate CU to a group of computer center directors from the Tennessee
Board of Regents institutions. The BOR is responsible for all public
post-secondary institutions in Tennessee that are not part of the
University of Tennessee System. These folks will be in Nashville for other
business on that day and they want to C what CU can du. (sorry).

I'm going to set up an in-house point-to-point demonstration here at the
Learning Technology Center, just to be sure I'll have something to show,
but I'd very much like one or two real-world contacts as well. I'd prefer
to contact, point-to-point with one or two teachers who are using CU in
their practice. It doesn't matter if the teachers are K-12 or higher, just
as long as they can discuss--to some extent--their experiences with the

My meeting starts at 2PM Central Time but I don't expect to try to connect
with the outside world until 3PM Central (4PM Eastern, 2PM Mountain, 1PM

If you'd like to meet with my folks, please drop me a line directly at



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