Re: Burning Man on the Web - downloading images works now

Admin/Support (
Wed, 7 Sep 1994 11:27:01 -0400

> At 17:49 9/6/94, JEFF MCMILLEN <> wrote:
> >having a devil of a time attaching to your home page as described in your
> >mail. I get connecting to server... and it sits there for an interminable
> >time doing nothing, without errors or anything. ideas?
> At 18:50 9/6/94, (Alan Larson) wrote:
> > The world's slowest server, I take it. It waws running 10 minutes
> >and more before it would start to send the image from the time the
> >request was sent and acknowledged by the end there.
> > Image transfer typically took 5 to 10 seconds, once they finally
> >started.
> This is disturbing news. Is this a common response time for being served
> by my server? It's a 486 running Linux and doing nothing else. Would
> y'all wander a bit through my home pages at your convenience and tell me if
> you're seeing this as typical. If so, I have a real problem because I
> don't know what to do - it's a dedicated machine... :-(

It seems like just has a really slow network connection
or has been offline or really bogged down every time I've tried it. Plus
the first page is really large.. when I've been able to get it, it took
several minutes.


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