On request: the IP address for the demo on saturday

Wetering, drs. M.W. van (MWETERING@fac.fbk.eur.nl)
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 08:01:25 -0400


Dear list members,

The Rotterdam School of Management, Holland, Europe is organizing an
introduction day for future students. Part of our programme involves
a demonstration of CUSeeMe using our local reflector. I would like to
invite you, if you can find the time on saturday, to join us during that
day on - reflector.fbk.eur.nl - CONF ID 0.
This reflector is still under testing but will be available by

------ END ------------

IP adress

Hope to CU then,


Michael W. van Wetering, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Scientific Software Analyst, Computergroup (FBK/BIT)
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