Reflector policing bandwidth

Richard Cogger (
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 11:59:57 -0400

Cornell is now running new reflector code on its reflector at This new code will monitor the bandwidth received from any
sender, integrated over a few seconds, and will force disconnect for anyone
who exceeds 80Kbps (plus a small fudge factor). The user will get a
message to the effect that max allowable bw has been exceeded. That user
will then not be able to reconnect for 10 minutes. Both the reflector
max-bandwidth limit and the time in the penalty box are configurable by the
reflector operator.
The other day, we found one participant on our reflector sending a
steady 300Kbps, a profoundly anti-social thing to do on the open Internet.
(Do what you like, of course, on your own internal net.) Someone else, on
the other side of the country was connected with two machines, both
receiving this fat stream as well as several normal ones. The regional
network operator complained to us about our reflector hammering one of
their links.
Of course, as CU-SeeMe is accessable to many folks who may not
understand the implications of various control settings, mistakes are bound
to happen. If this new reflector code proves stable in the next couple
days, we will make it available so that other reflector operators can help
participants to treat the Internet kindly. We plan also some additional
changes in this direction.

Cheers, -Dick