Re: CU-SeeMe68k0.70b8

J. Colin R. Hunter (
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 13:28:53 -0400

Has anybody else had a problem sending audio with CU-SeeMe68k0.70b8?

CU-SeeMe68k0.70b5 worked fine sending and receiving audio and video but the
volume bar in the audio window in b8 never registers any sound from the
microphone and we can only transmit silent video. I've trashed the preferences
file, but this didn't have any effect. I've got b5 back and it still works fine
but as soon as I try b8 it's back to no audio. Reception of audio and video is
not affected.

System: Macintosh Quadra 840AV, System 7.1/ SU 3.0, plaintalk microphone, video
in via Y/C or CVBS input.

Colin Hunter
Virology laboratories, University of Maryland at Baltimore