Reflector policing bandwidth

Thu, 8 Sep 1994 19:44:16 -0400 (Richard Cogger) writes:

> Cornell is now running new reflector code on its reflector at
> This new code will monitor the bandwidth received from any
>sender, integrated over a few seconds, and will force disconnect for anyone
>who exceeds 80Kbps (plus a small fudge factor). The user will get a
>message to the effect that max allowable bw has been exceeded. That user
>will then not be able to reconnect for 10 minutes. Both the reflector
>max-bandwidth limit and the time in the penalty box are configurable by the
>reflector operator.

Sounds fair enough to me...otherwise with the publicity that CU-SeeMe
is getting in the press, we'd begin to drown in our own video-streams.

It's important that we don't "soil our own nest" here!!!


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