CU-SeeMe0.70b9 (for Mac)

Richard Cogger (
Fri, 9 Sep 1994 17:36:32 -0400

New betas of CU-SeeMe for the PowerMac and 68000 Macs are now
available for anonymous ftp:

Directory: /pub/video/CU-SeeMe0.70b9
Files: CU-SeeMePPc0.70b9.bin

These are purely bug-fix versions. There are (almost) no user-visible
changes and no changes to any protocol messages or datastreams. Bugs have
been fixed:

* One case of "push to crash" related to wrong initialization of a
sound channel. Not clear whether this fixes all cases.

* A bughalt on a Mac IIcx because it was unable to initialize 4 sound
channels. CU-SeeMe will now be happy if it can initialize at least one.
It still trys to open 4 sound channels at initialization, but if it gets an
error return after the first, if will settle for what it has.

* Bughalts will now not send you to the dumper (or MaxBug) but will
give a dialog with a message and then quit cleanly when you click OK.

* There was a problem where the MinKbps control under Transmission
under the Local window worked improperly. In particular, if the MinKbps
were set to a value greater than 100, the first digit might be invisible.
It could then appear that Min was, say, 10 but the Max could not be set
below 110 or 210.

However, these are still *Beta* versions. In particular, we know
of one (or more than one) bug that shows up as a crash at startup if the
NickNames file has more than 30-some entries.

As before, we would be especially interested to hear from anyone
who finds
different behavior with these versions, compared to previous versions.
Please note model/configuration, etc. Thanks.

Cheers, -Dick