Today's experience with CU-SeeMe

Elliott Mitchell (
Fri, 9 Sep 1994 17:37:47 -0400

I would write this letter to Dick Cogger directly, but maybe some other
readers have some ideas on the subject.

I'm currently using CU-SeeMePPc0.70b8 and this afternoon I was connected to
the Cornell Reflector and trying to talk to Dick. He told me that he could
hear me, but that I was blocking his transmission. I knew that was
possible, by clicking the speaker icon below his image, changing it from a
speaker with "sound waves" coming out to a speaker without "sound waves"
coming out. My confusion arose from the fact that the speaker icon below
Dick's face had the "sound waves" showing, so I expected to be able to hear
him. Finally, I tried clicking on the icon, removing the "sound waves,"
but then I was able to hear Dick talking.

Now, to me this sounds reversed from the way it ought to be. Am I wrong or
was there something odd about this exchange?


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