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Geoff Rehn (
Fri, 9 Sep 1994 23:13:42 -0400

At 10:23 PM 09/09/1994 -0400, Mark E. Berkman wrote:

>Please excuse my ignorance as I am just getting started, but...

We all have to start somewhere.
It took me a bit to figure out the same hassle when I myself first came
across it ...

>90% of the time I connect to a reflector with CU-SeeMe for Windows, I am
>told that "CU-SeeMe for the PC does not currently support the video send
>>mode of this sender."
>Does that mean that the sender has a Macintosh, or am I missing something,
> Thanks,
> Mark E. Berkman
> The Ohio State University.

Yes, it does mean that the sender is using a Mac but sending video in _ high
resolution mode _.
If the sender were to be transmitting in standard resolution, then everyone
(PC and Mac) could see it.
This is documented in the PC CUSM help file.

This is one of the not so obvious requirements of multi-party /
multi-platform video conferencing
at THIS point in time. I believe it will change, and that the PC will be
able to handle the higher resolution.

Geoff R.

Geoff Rehn
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