Unsupported video send modes

Richard Kennerly (kennerly@nr-tech.cit.cornell.edu)
Sat, 10 Sep 1994 10:34:24 -0400

The message:

"CU-SeeMe for the PC does not currently support the video send mode
of this sender."

means that the sender is sending video in a format that the PC version
doesn't know how to receive at this point. In this case it is undoubtedly
a Mac sending video in 320x240 (high resolution mode) but this is the same
error message you'd get for any future send modes that are added to the
Mac before the PC.

-Rich Kennerly - <rbk1@cornell.edu> PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer

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Please excuse my ignorance as I am just getting started, but...

90% of the time I connect to a reflector with CU-SeeMe for Windows, I am
told that "CU-SeeMe for the PC does not currently support the video send
>mode of this sender."
Does that mean that the sender has a Macintosh, or am I missing something, here?
Mark E. Berkman
The Ohio State University.

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