Re: (MS-23) CUSM b9 - Bitch and moan, whine, whine, whine

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Sat, 10 Sep 1994 14:30:23 -0400

>Actually, the beta community is not particularly tight; it's just anyone
>who chooses to download and run the beta versions. We do have an alpha
>list that is restricted, but nothing has gone to alpha for a couple months
>while we struggled with the bugs in 0.70.

Well hell! Thanks for the quick response. I'm ready to have my file
system all chewed up: please add me to the Alpha list and use me! My
employer already knows I use up most of our bandwidth :-)

>Well, Tim heard about this yesterday morning, I think, and I heard about it
>about 4PM and announced it at 5:30 or so. How fast do you think we need to

I apologize for my snitty tone (to you and the list). I had the impression
that it was a problem known for a while. If Tim could have called *me*
about 4:10 I would have appreciated it...ummm... I was in a meeting, it
wouldn't have mattered anyway. :^)

>Well, some bugs lock things up and some trap to MacsBug, if you have it. A
>future version will let you edit a resource to switch from the dialog back
>to MacsBug. But for many folks who don't run with MacsBug, this change
>will let them see the debug message (and report it) and get out cleanly.

Anyone who runs beta software and doesn't use Macsbug deserves whatever
they get. Whoops! What I meant to say was, I'll be glad to tell anyone on
this list how to install and use Macsbug (3 minutes of reading). Would YOU
(Dick, Tim) please make available a compiled-with-debug version on the ftp
site whenever you release a new version? Then those of use with Macsbug
actually can see reasonable stack traces, etc.

>A reasonable suggestion [not munging the Nicknames]; we'll try to get to it.

Could y'all send to the list your current to-do list, or something like
that, so we can be more in step with what you're concerned with. Or send
it to the alpha list (if I'm on it :-)

>Well, I'd like to say that we do really appreciate the problem reports and
>suggestions we get. They help a lot to refine the software. We do read
>them all, at least so far; it may not be possible forever, but we'll do our
>best. However, we simply can't respond individually to all of the comments
>and reports we get. Many of the messages report problems that have been
>already reported or ask questions that have been answered many times
>before, even in the Readme files.

As a manager of a QA department, I understand this. (You should see our
bug database!)

>Fortunately, there are some folks like you who patiently answer some of
>these queries when they're sent to the list. But we just can't. I do try
>to get announcements out about problems that several folks report if it
>looks like we won't have a fix soon. Or if we learn of a workaround we get
>that out immediately.

Thank you very much. I'll still spend as much time as necessary to help
out beta testers. And thanks again for sending a reply so quickly, so
pleasantly, and of course, thanks for the software.

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