still trying the SE....
Mon, 12 Sep 1994 09:14:27 -0400

I understand (now) that CUSM will not run on the Mac SE (I got it for
free...) But I could not even get a SLIP connection going with it. I could
not run MacTCP 2.0.4, although version 1.1.1 seems to work (i.e., I can
double-click and configure it), but I have had NO success with MacPPP or
InterSLIP (so I never get a connection). If I recall, MacPPP will not work
with earlier versions of MacTCP. I am able to open the control panels, but
the "CONNECT" or "OPEN" button is always greyed. So I suppose I can run
z-term and that's about it. This SE was being used as a doorstop -- now I
know why. Comments appreciated. Jon