Reflector on Intel machines

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Mon, 12 Sep 1994 12:59:43 -0400

Howdy Benoit,

I've currently got a version of the reflector software running on a 486-66
with 8 meg RAM and a 500 Meg HD using the Linux (Slackware V1.2) operating
system (unix for Intel). The 486 is currently running in a small LAN. The
reflector code appears to be working fine. Both Linux and reflector code
(compiled for Linux) are available on

Bob Hamilton
Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Lab
Bldg 9-163 301.953.6068
Laurel, Md. 20723 301.953.5727 (FAX)

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Subject: Reflector on Intel machines
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I am currently planning two small networks in two branches of our research
center that are located in different cities. Some form on videoconferencing
between the two locations is going to become necessary and CU-SeeMe is of
interest. I read the text files about the reflector as well as the FAQ file
it seems that the reflector is known to work only on Sun Sparc and SGI
We are actually planning to use Intel machines under UnixWare or SCO Unix as
servers and these will be are only Unix computers.

Does anyone know if the reflector has any chances of working fine on
Was it designed specially for Sun Sparc or was it tested on it simply because
that was the developement environment? If the reflector is not portable in
current form, are there plans to make it usable on other Unix flavors or is
such a thing down in the to-do list?

Thanks in advance.


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