What and where? Capture card and video eye?

Antti Peltonen (Antti.Peltonen@oulu.fi)
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 11:47:07 -0400

Hello you all,

I am newbie on this list and with (Windows) CU-SEEME
- so my questions may be on FAQ or RTFM -category.

But i am going to ask anyway...

1. What is qood "all purpose" video capture card for
> 16 MB memory PC configuration?

How about: Video Blaster FS200 or FAST Movie Machine?
Do they work ok with CU-SEEME?

2. I want to know something about good "video eyes"
(cameras) for this kind of "all purpose" video
+ PC-computer use. From where i can buy such thing
and how much $$$ is price class / unit?

How about picture quality adn optics. What i shoud
know before buying the beast?

3. What are "the project plans" for sound support
to PC / Windows -version?

Thats all for now? If you have something to say
drop a line to list or reply. Any help appreciated.

Antti Peltonen
Senior analyst
CC / University of Oulu