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> Subject: Text for lurkers? (addition)
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> Speaking of scrolling text, how _does_ one scroll text on a
> Windows-based system? And I've also seen still shots with the
> scrolling text....
> Thom
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> Subject: Text for lurkers?
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> Date: 9/12/94 10:16 AM
> I finally got my program to work and hooked up to the Cornell alternate
> reflector the other day. I saw mutliple windows, and I also saw a few
> windows that appeared to be sending no video images, but still had text
> scrolling across the bottom. I was wondering if it is possible for a
> lurker to do the same - that is, set up a window that could only send
> text. Any thoughts?
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Fairly wierd to get this to work . . .

You must install the Drivers for a video capture card on your
machine... This will fool windows and CUSeeme into thinking it has
video capture capabilities. Once you do this, CUSeeme creates a
window telling you that there was an error initing the card, but it
continues to work anyway! After that, all you have to to his click on
your local windows (Which is probably static or wierd looking
garbage) and type! Text will scroll along the bottom as you type.

As far as the folks that got text to constatly go accros the
I haven't got a clue as to how they did that!

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