Re: less in the pot - confirmed on a PB 520c

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 19:28:21 -0400

>Regarding the problem with nicknames on the Mac, the problem is likely to
>occur if a single nickname contains more than 30 characters. Our initial
>theory was that it had to do with the number of nicknames in the list, but
>a large number of nicknames does not in itself appear to cause problems.

Hi Tim,

Really glad to hear you on the list. I can confirm that a reflector name
>30 characters seems to hang CUSM/Mac x7-9, but only *after* it reads in
the nicknames file and truncates entries to 30. (See the following
Nicknames file.)

Once the truncation happens the program happily lives in subsequent
incarnations. Question: will you be fixing this in a soon-to-be-released
version or should I change the master CUSM reflector list that I send out
to reflect this bug?

alias C.N.I.D.R. ( n r
alias Cornell Univ. (pro60-test2.cit n n
alias Cornell Univ. (reflector.cit.c n n
alias Eden ( n r
alias Future Pirates ( n n
alias Lutchi ( n r
alias NASA Select Europe (kark.hiof. n n
alias NASA Select USA ( n n
alias Network Solutions ( n n
alias NYSERNet ( n r
alias Open Univ. ( n r
alias Ostfold College (fenris.dhhald n n
alias Penn State ( n n
alias QMS ( n r
alias Rotterdam School of Mgmt (refl n n
alias Univ. Hawai'i (makaha.mic.hawa n n
alias Univ. Indiana State (mama.inds n n
alias Univ. Lausanne ( n n
alias Univ. Lisbon (master.di.fc.ul. n n
alias Univ. Lund ( n r
alias Univ. Michigan ( n n
alias Univ. Michigan ( n n
alias Univ. N. Carolina ( n n
alias Univ. Ohio State (davros.acs.o n n
alias Univ. Penn (isis.dccs.upenn.ed n n
alias Univ. Sao Paulo (suncisc.cisc. n n
alias Univ. Singapore ( n n
alias Univ Texas ( n n
alias Univ Ulster (claudia.iscm.ulst n n

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