REQUEST OF LIST: AV OWNERS: Please help reproduce

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 21:11:34 -0400


We have several reports of Quadra AV machines that continue to crash with
b9 but work with b5. IF YOU OWN A QUADRA AV would you please:

(1) trash your preferences file
(2) make sure that no nicknames are greater than 30 chars long
(3) run b9 and frob the push-to-talk stuff
(4) report to the list failure or success and
(a) your exact machine model (ie. 840AV)
(b) os version (ie. 7.1.1), system update (ie. none, 3.0)
(c) MacTCP version (ie. 2.0.4)

Thank you. Let's give Tim something concrete to work with.

----------- dissapointments follow ---------------

At 17:28 9/13/94, Colin Hunter wrote:
>> alastair keady <> wrote:
>> Troubles with b.09 still!
>> I tried push to talk with the 840AV (no camera, internal audio cd in)
>> Crashed with my old friend err-227.
>> This is after dumping the prefs and lowering my nicknames below 30.
>I also have a Quadra 840AV which crashes with error -227 when trying to
>run b9. I trashed the preferences file before trying to run b9. I got the
>screen allowing me to name my video send window and send/receive
>preferences, which I did. I then got my video input window onscreen and
>audio window with the "push to talk" button checked. I unchecked it and
>immediately got "SPBOpenDevice Failed err=-227" and a quit button. I
>clicked on the quit button and MacsBug reported Bus Error at 40876794
>-OldPatToNow +0014.
>This is the same machine that refused to acknowledge any audio from my
>microphone with b8. b5 continues to perform flawlessly.
>Quadra 840AV, System 7.1, MacTCP 2.0.4

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